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Poa annua is a type of grass sometimes found on golf courses and sometimes used as the putting green grass. The best-known example of poa annua in golf is its use as the putting green grass at Pebble Beach Golf Links. Poa annua can be used on other parts of the course, too, and is sometimes the grass of choice for rough putting greens that are maintained as Poa annua greens. Compared to creeping bentgrass, Poa annua is adapted to different ideal growing conditions (Beard, 2002, Turf- grass Management for Golf Courses). Consider Table1: Poa annua can be successfully grown as a desirable turfgrass species in cooler climates, but it is limite Poa Annua Grass. Poa annua is a variety of annual bluegrass found on golf courses around the country and frequently used on golf greens. Because there are hundreds of varieties that often mix together, poa putting surfaces may look spotted with lighter and darker shades of green Poa annua is the game's favorite agronomical whipping boy. Bad-mouthing the stuff is a grand golf tradition. But does it get an unfairly bad rap Augusta National features bentgrass greens, the best grass on which to putt. I think if you were to take an informal survey, you'd be hard-pressed to find a single golfer who likes or even prefers to putt on Poa annua greens. And no, it's not Poana.It's Poa annua.For my money, the best greens in the world are bentgrass greens

Golf Turfgrass Poa Annua: Its Uses and Characteristic

  1. Defining Poa annua The Poa you find on today's golf courses is highly variable. It consists of many different strains, and 10, 20 or even 30 or more can grow on a single golf green. This is what gives the patchy appearance to old Poa greens. Greens-type Poas fall within the subspecies known as Poa annua ssp. reptans
  2. Poa annua in Golf Greens, Winter Damage. April 11, 2014. There is great variability on the present condition of Poa annua on greens throughout much of the state. In many cases patches of poa are a tan or bronzes color
  3. The species Poa annua covers a wide range of genotypes with different growth habits and life-cycles. Although the plant itself is short lived, the key to its success is prolific seed production. It is able to produce viable seed even at mowing heights of 2mm on greens
  4. Poa occupies almost every niche on a golf course, but superintendents are usually limited to only focusing control methods on greens, leaving the rest of the course as a potential Poa nursery. Bottom line is that it is impossible to eradicate Poa from a cool-season golf course, but you can prioritize your areas and maintain it at a level reasonable for your course, geography and.
  5. Poa annua Control On Greens. championships. back Golf faces challenges and opportunities that are vital to its long-term health. See what the USGA is doing to ensure a strong future for the game. USGA Water Resource Center.

Poa annua Management on Golf Course Putting Greens

  1. Annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.; ABG) is a common turfgrass weed that is well adapted to low mowing heights and is the most problematic on golf course putting greens.It usually encroaches creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) putting greens after establishment, spreads in the spring and the fall and often declines in summer.Cultural practices such as interseeding creeping bentgrass.
  2. Poa annua is a grass type that features on some of the very best golf courses in America. But it's not without its detractors. A chief concern for most is the tendency for greens to get bumpy and inconsistent later in the day
  3. Sewickley Heights Golf Club in suburban Pittsburgh embarked on a greens renovation in late August. The project is designed to provide the necessary infrastructure to produce high-quality Poa annua putting surfaces
  4. Cutting Poa annua at 2mm is not going to get you there, but then neither is implementing the Disturbance Theory if all you have is Poa and 'push ups', and that is still the majority in this country. The management of Green speed is a balancing act, so act on balanc
  5. Poa Annua Reptans I recently inherited a golf course that supposedly features the Poa Reptans turfgrass developed in MN for golf courses. Poa reptans is SUPPOSED to be what the greens and tees consist of at my course but that is not the case
  6. Poa annua Control on Golf Course Greens Bermudagrass greens overseeded with ryegrass or Poa trivialis and bentgrass greens require special attention. Many plant growth regulators can be used safely to suppress Poa (Table 5A). Read the labels in their entirety, as particular protocols exist when using these products o

Northwest Poa Greens Sod is grown from poa annua plugs, native to the Seattle and Vancouver, BC area. This sod type is suitable for new construction or renovations of golf greens, situated in South West Coast of BC and the West Coast areas of the US. Northwest Poa sod will also perform better than bentgrass in a shaded environment Figure 2Influence of Proxy plus Primo Maxx or Embark T&O spring programs (Spring) ± a February early application of Proxy or Embark (Winter) ± a 90 GDD50 treatment of Bayleton at 1 fl. oz. /1000 sq. ft. (DMI) on creeping bentgrass and Poa annua injury and suppression of peak Poa annua seedhead production averaged over putting green trials in Blacksburg, Va., (2011) and Harrisonburg, VA (2012) Poa Annua is a type of grass that isn't seen much of. It mostly exists in California on course that are close to the Ocean. The one exception is Oakmont Country Club which has used the grass for over 100 years. The grass is a weed and something that can't be avoided, you could plant Bent Greens on a course and within five years Poa will. By Elliott Dowling, agronomist, Northeast Region February, 2015 For daily updates from the United States Golf Association, visit us at www.usga.org, on Twitt.. Poa annua . Annual bluegrass is a burden, to be sure, appearing from tee-to-green and proving especially pesky on putting surfaces. The number one weed is Poa annua, says Dr. Shawn Askew, associate professor of turfgrass weed science at Virginia Tech.There are many different ways that Poa can cause problems on a golf course, and now, in the southern states, there's also a massive.

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Officials at Chambers Bay say they will change the greens from fine fescue to Poa annua with the hopes of landing a future U.S. Open 1B4E8E2C-ADD5-411F-B091-816167ADE609 Clos Poa annua is a winter annual that germinates in the late summer/early fall once soil temperatures fall below 70 degrees. Seedlings mature in the fall, are in a vegetative state in the winter, and flower and produce seed in late spring and early summer. You may be able to control poa annua with Green-Up with [ Poa annua (Annual Meadow Grass) Converting your green from Poa annua to bent/fescue is critical to achieving a Performance Bowling Green. The surface conditions associated with annual meadow grass (Poa annua) are the polar opposite to those associated with the fine fescue and bent grasses

Scott White, Golf Course Superintendent at Mauhnahteesee Golf Course in Rockford, IL shares his approach to overtaking the Poa Annua in his greens. The simpl.. At least 6-8 greens on the course could use a fan. $7,000 per fan plus the electric to install which could double the cost per green. • Poa population, seed bank on a 114 year old course. Using some products on the market with the percentage of poa annua on our greens could lead to massive turf loss Poa annua - kill or manage? June 22, 2015 | Turf managers have long been faced with this dilemma, do I try to eliminate wintergrass (Poa annua) from my golf greens and surrounds, or do I accept it and do my best to produce great playing surfaces in spite of it

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Results. The putting greens at Scarsdale Golf Club have performed wonderfully since the conversion program was initiated. The greens were more than 90 percent Poa annua in 2011, but by the end of 2014 all of the greens were more than 80 percent creeping bentgrass. Transitioning to bentgrass made the putting surfaces much easier to maintain Poa annua greens, you might not think Poa annua is much of a problem - stem gall nematode (Anguina pacifica) aside. If you are in Dallas, Texas, Washington D. C., Raleigh, N.C., Scottsdale, Ariz., etc., where greens are often composed 50 percent bentgrass and 50 percent Poa annua, it is a huge problem. Let's try to simplify the problem

The grass that golfers love to hate (and why they shouldn't

  1. Poa annua in Golf Greens, Winter Damage. July 7, 2015. There is great variability on the present condition of Poa annua on greens throughout much of the state. In many cases patches of poa are a tan or bronzes color
  2. Awarded four stars (of five) from Golf Digest, Forest Greens features pine tree-lined fairways, well-protected greens and gently rolling terrain. 4500 Poa Annua Lane Triangle, VA 22172. PLAY GOLF CALL 703.221.0123 OR Book A Tee Time.
  3. We received samples from 5 golf courses of declining Poa annua in the lab in the last three days. Individual plants on Poa annua on greens and fairways are starting to yellow and even die in small patches. However, there have been almost no pathogens in the submitted samples other than occasional ectotrophic hyphae indicating summer patch
  4. Charlie Rymer and Chris DiMarco check out the 13th green on Pebble Beach Golf Links and give tips for putting on poa annua greens
  5. Poa annua greens won't feature the same kind of grain as bermuda does and when it gets dry it tends to go straw-coloured or brown either overall or in certain areas. One of the main distinctions of poa is it can often contain different kinds that get mixed together (there are over 500 varietals)

Här listar vi åtta vanliga gräsarter på green. Oskar Åsgård • 2010-05-21 . BERMUDA Förekomst: Varmare delar av världen. Går ofta under sitt latinska namn poa annua. Vitgröe är det absolut vanligaste greengräset i Sverige och världen, Svensk Golf • 2020-11-14 Golf Course Design, Construction and Renovation Grass Varieties Greens Tees Fairways* 100% Poa trivialis 10-13** 10-15 125-175 OR Possible poa annua contamination and poor performance will result. 4. Touch-up reseeding or spot seed-ing with poa trivialis can be an effectiv Both grasses are found on golf courses and both seem to be good grasses for greens, right? There are very distinct differences a few are: Poa annua- likes; does better in shade and wet areas. Dislikes: Heat, Cold and prone to disease. There is more, but that is the basics. Nobody purchases poa seed for greens. Bentgrass - likes: sun, heat, cold

Role of phosphorus in the suppression of Poa annua on bentgrass putting greens by Larry Stowell, PACE Turfgrass Research Institute; George Kenny, Talega Golf Club Summary and recommendations The five-year-old A4 greens at Talega suggest that low soil phosphorus might play a role in limiting invasion by poa The Golf Course Maintenance blog is to inform members of golf course projects, some interesting day to day turf practices, staff, weather and course conditions. So in theory reducing surface water during freeze thaw cycles will help reduce turf loss on poa annua putting greens Poa Annua is a variety of bluegrass that can be found on golf courses around the world. Shinnecock Hills in New York has Poa Annua greens (Getty Images In spite of the cool and dry weather, Poa annua continues to yellow and sometimes thin on golf greens.Last week Poa annua was thinning and dieing in low areas from too much water, heat, and humidity (photo).However, the cool dry weather over the weekend allowed for maximum water loss through evapotranspiration The switch back to Poa annua greens for this week's U.S. Open at Pebble Beach can cause some extra stress for the best players in the world - even Tiger Woods

Control and prevention of Annual Meadow Grass on a Putting Surface. April 24, 2020. Here at Phoenix we have been managing Poa annua on our golf greens ever since they changed to being a high percentage of Poa probably 50 or 60 years ago POA ANNUA CONTROL 2005 - 2009- Due to the use of Paclobutrazol the greens required more water including extensive hand watering during summer and consequently they became softer and slower. The amount of Poa annua had been reduced significantly, but at what cost? 2009 - The then Course Manager, had for some years been alerting the Board to his concer Chambers Bay golf course has reopened following a greens replacement project. The Washington municipal has resurfaced every green with poa annua. The course closed in October 2018 and greens were sodded during a five-week period. No design changes were made to any of the greens Much of the negative chatter has revolved around the effects of poa annua on these fine fescue grass greens. Poa is a weed that can actually be maintained as a putting surface on the west coast of. Poa Annua on Greens We all remember last year greens #1,2,9,18 and the putting green had something different growing on it that we had not experienced before. The type of weed is called Poa Annua and/or Annual Bluegrass, it occurs during cool season months only and in the south it is considered a weed

annua and Poa annua f. reptans (personal communication with Harold Walker, Auburn Univ., 2011) in creeping bentgrass golf greens and has shown excellent bentgrass tolerance. In the fall 2010, two studies were initiated at Palouse Ridge Golf Club, Pullman, WA and at the Chewelah Golf and Country Club, Chewelah, WA. The PRGC site was a USGA green. Poa annua is more susceptible to disease than fine grasses, like Fusarium in the winter and Anthracnose in the summer and needs to be sprayed with expensive fungicides to protect it. Of course there are other grasses found on some golf greens like Rye, creeping bents, velvet bent Annual meadow grass (also commonly known by its Latin name of Poa annua) is sometimes found in rolls of cultivated turf. Occurence. Annual meadow grass is one of the most widespread grasses in the world. It is found from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic Circle and from sea level to the tops of mountains Ipswich Country Club Golf Course Maintenance Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Poa annua We have noticed some speckling of Poa annua on our greens. This is due to our approaches and surrounds being heavily contaminated by Poa annua, the seeds of which are often tracked onto our greens by both equipment and foot traffic

Infection with anthracnose reduces the playing quality of golf and bowling greens as the surface trueness is reduced. In severe cases (especially with foliar blight), loss of turf cover may occur, which may encourage the ingress of more Poa annua grass Poa annua on same green now showing stress (April 6, 2015). Back in 2003, Dr. Beard taught the turfgrass physiology class at MSU and I was fortunate to attend many of his lectures. I recall Dr. Beard describing a scenario in Detroit one spring when Poa annua emerged from winter looking just fine and in the matter of a couple days when the temperatures warmed everything died

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bentgrass golf putting greens. Taller mowed turfgrass such as Kentucky bluegrass athletic fields are more sensitive to * NY Primo Maxx and would have a different Primo GDD threshold. Some preliminary research on Poa annua putting greens found that the 200 GDD re-application interval is effective at maintaining yield suppression of Poa winter grass (poa annua) control The observant lawn contractor will no doubt notice these soft green tufts or clumped weeks in many lawns at this time of year. Some clients will be asking their contractors to spray the winter grass

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Any area of turf, especially golf greens, tees, fairways and bowling greens. Fusarium Patch is the most common and widespread disease at present in the UK and Ireland. Grass swards dominant in Poa annua, as it is the most susceptible grass species. When is Microdochium Patch likely to attack turf Poa annua, or annual meadow grass (known in America more commonly as annual bluegrass or simply poa), is a widespread low-growing turfgrass in temperate climates.Notwithstanding the reference to annual plant in its name, perennial bio-types do exist. [citation needed] This grass may have originated as a hybrid between Poa supina and Poa infirma The answer is that modern sports turf soil is specified and managed in such a way that it becomes almost sterile just like the soils designed to be colonised by Poa annua.. Most perennial grasses release about 50% of the energy they produce above ground and about 50% underground as root production and by leaking proteins and carbohydrates as root exudates

Poa annua in Golf Greens, Winter Damage Turfgrass

  1. Exceptional control of Poa annua. Kerb ® SC T&O specialty herbicide is a non-restricted use option that provides exceptional preemergence and early postemergence control of Poa annua on warm-season turfgrass. Kerb is a great option to control Poa annua, and herbicide resistant Poa, on golf course roughs, fairways, greens and tees
  2. What it is. Bensumec ™ 4 LF Pre-Emergent Grass & Weed Herbicide provides effective control of annual grasses, including crabgrass, Poa annua, and goosegrass.It's labeled for use on established Bahiagrass, bentgrass, fescue, perennial bluegrass, zoysiagrass, and other listed turfgrasses in residential lawns, and on golf course greens, tees, and bentgrass fairways
  3. Poa Annua is designed to be a lower-labor-intensive installed putting green, while exhibiting all the features of full sand-dressed greens that typically cost much more. Because of the heavier face weight and tighter weave, Poa Annua allows smooth roll, consistently
  4. to mixed bent/Poa green decreased the Poa annua population from 23% to 16% of the surface. However, golf course superintendents visually estimated that there was more Poa invasion on those same plots. This occurred because the bentgrass and Poa annua populations began to segregate as the grass density increased with repeat Primo Maxx applications
  5. ates in fall or spring when moisture is adequate and develops quickly, often flowering six to eight weeks after ger
  6. Early fine-structural observations of tapetal orbicule development were recorded for Poa annua by Rowley [56], and for Silene pendula and Cannabis sativa by Heslop-Harrison [57, 23]. Rowley described the development of the orbicules by the accretion of sporopollenin around 'pro-Ubisch' bodies, considered to be lipid in nature

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Quasar Poa trivialis - Southern overseeding or heavy shade. Fast germination. Dark green color. Fine textured. Excellent for greens overseeding. Two Putt Poa reptans - Perennial Poa annua or creeping bluegrass. Uniform dense turf. Very low mow tolerance for greens. Shade tolerant. Repair of damaged Poa greens Creeping Bluegrass Poa annua var. reptans. Poa reptans is a perennial subspecie of Poa annua.It establishes quickly, and forms a dense uniform turf with an upright growth. It tolerates low cuts, shade and heat and is ideal for golf greens Creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) golf greens infested with annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) can be hard to manage, unattractive, and have reduced playability.Methiozolin is a relatively new isoxazoline herbicide that has shown selective Poa annua control in golf greens. Our objective was to evaluate multi-year, single autumn applications of methiozolin to control low populations of. Poa annua L., the Latin name for annual bluegrass,has long been recognized to provide high quality turf of fine texture and high shoot density that is uniform and tolerant of close mowing (1).In 1927, legendary USGA Agronomists, Piper and Oakley (14) described the value and high quality of Poa annua for golf course putting greens Description. Annual bluegrass (Poa annua)is a light green bunch-type to slightly spreading winter annual weedy grass.Some subspecies exist which are classified as short-lived perennials (Poa annua ssp. reptans).These perennial types are particularly evident in bentgrass golf greens

Annual bluegrass, Poa annua, is one of the most common weeds of residential and commercial turfgrass, ornamental plantings, and gardens in the United States.It is native to Europe but is distributed worldwide. Commonly referred to as Poa, it is a particular problem in golf course greens and fairways, but it can also be a troublesome weed in vegetable and agronomic crops grown in cool. Poa annua, also known as Annual Bluegrass is most times considered a weed in a golf green. Some broadcasters incorrectly refer to it as Poe. I'm not sure what that is, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who call it, Poe Now there is a lot of data to be analyzed and interpretation will definitely be reserved for AFTER we have two full years of data, but here are the general summaries that I have based on this first year:. Nitrogen rate (0.5 vs. 2.2 lbs N/year) appeared to have an slight impact on Poa annua populations with lower N resulting in lower % Poa in October 1. Poa annua (annual meadow-grass or annual bluegrass) is the most problematic weed of temperate zone golf putting greens. In the UK there are no chemicals approved for its control, although several herbicides and plant growth regulators are available in the USA. Reducing P. annua levels in fine turf would greatly reduc

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Controlling annual bluegrass on golf course putting greens

Dudsbury Golf Club Head Greenkeeper, Warren Moss, has adopted the use of a new plant growth regulator (PGR) to suppress Poa annua and increase the quantity of bent grass on the greens. The largely south facing course has been tricky to maintain during one of the hottest and driest summers on record The golf ball is going further than it did back in 2000, He's had great success on poa annua greens in his career Those venues had poa greens Please see Policies for the Reuse of USGA Green Section Publications. TERO Vol. 14(2):57-58, March—April 2015 USGA ID#: 2014-08-497 TGIF Number: 257821 Systems approach to Poa annua control on putting greens Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) is the most troublesome and probably the most studied weed on golf courses throughout the United States. Thoug

Creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) golf greens infested with annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) can be hard to manage, unattractive, and have reduced playability. Methiozolin ('PoaCure') is a relatively new isoxazoline herbicide that has shown selective P. annua control in golf greens Editor's note: This research was funded by the United States Golf Association. Annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) seedhead production on putting greens results in a number of detrimental effects, including, but not limited to, reduced putting speed and consistency and compromised aesthetics (2, 3, 6).To provide a more consistent putting surface, golf course superintendents have used a number of. Annual Bluegrass Poa annua is Spreading Like Wildfire in our Front Yard Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua) Annual Bluegrass 'Poa annua is spreading like wildfire in our front yard. I have tried two different chemical herbicides and digging it up, but nothing seems to work. Our yard looks like a patchwork quilt and my husband is embarrassed Biology of Poa annua in a Temperate Zone Golf Putting Green (Agrostis stolonifera/Poa annua). II. The Seed Bank. December 1988; Journal of Applied Ecology 25(3):989; DOI: 10.2307/2403760

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  1. Persistent air tempertatures of 90F and soil temperatures greater than 80F combine with high humidity and adequate rainfall (in some areas) is doing in the Poa annua (annual bluegrass)and Poa trivialis (rough bluegrass)on golf courses. After a week or two of these conditions, Poa annua greens and fairways will start to thin and die in small.
  2. Poa annua greens should be a thing of the past.. Poa issues?. 1. In cold climates extensive winterkill on Poa turf due due to ice, snow, slush and refreezing is always a great concern. 2. Poor heat tolerance during summer extremes can result in turf thinning and total loss of a green
  3. Poa annua grass is most often used as golf course turf on the West Coast of the United States. In many locations in the United States, Poa Annua grass is viewed as an invasive species. On the West Coast, however, golf course superintendents have managed to create spectacular greens with this type of grass
  4. Scientific name: Poa annua. Winter Grass - What is it? Winter Grass is a low growing turf grass. It appears as a bunch or can be a slightly spreading, winter annual weed. Some subspecies exist that are short-lived perennials which are particularly evident in bentgrass golf greens

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On a golf course we understand that the performance and consistency of a golf green will be of the highest priority. Whether you're looking to match an existing poa bent sward or turf a new green constructed to USGA specification, you'll find a compatible solution in our range of greens turf products.. Managed throughout production by highly qualified, experienced greenkeepers you can be. Creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) provides an ideal putting surface for golf courses located in temperate climates but is invaded by annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) and silvery‐thread moss (Bryum argenteum Hedw.).There are no currently registered herbicides for annual bluegrass control in bentgrass greens. Paclobutrazol and FeSO 4 will suppress one or both of these pests, but.

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4500 Poa Annua Lane Triangle 22172 Phone: 703-221-0123 Type: Public 18 Holes Forest Greens Golf Course is a 6,800 yard facility next door to the Quantico Marine Base and a very short drive off of I-95. Course designer Clyde Johnston did a great job of molding the course to fit the area's rolling woodlands Chambers Bay Golf Course reopened to the public on Wednesday, after being closed since October to convert greens from fescue to poa annua grass. Poa annua is the predominant Northwest greens grass. On March 2, 2014 greens were already under ice cover for 63 days. Today, March 2, 2015 greens at the HTRC have been under ice cover for 43 days. Last year based on sampling turf plugs from beneath the ice sheet, Poa annua at HTRC appeared to survive until approximately 60 days under ice. Samples collected from 60 days started to display damage

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1. Poa annua (annual meadow-grass or annual bluegrass) is the most problematic weed of temperate zone golf putting greens. In the UK there are no chemicals approved for its control, although several herbicides and plant growth regulators are available in the USA. Reducing P. annua levels in fine turf would greatly reduc Although it can grow and thrive in almost any condition from paths, railway embankments, arable ground to golf greens. It's especially suited to thrive in wet, fertile conditions. It can be introduced to turf via bird droppings, worms through casting, animals such as moles, rabbits, foxes, cats, dogs and finally, humans via mud on the soles of our shoes or on car tyres, lawn mowers etc

Poa annua L. I&e Till-Bottraud', Lin Wu and James The golf Greens are irrigated daily and mowed to 0.6 cm in According to management records, no seeds of Poa annua have been sown on the golf course at Davis and therefore the species must have colonized from adjacent naturalised populations. In the. established bentgrass greens with P. annua or for P. annua control in bentgrass greens where a low population currently exists. . Multi-year Fall Applied Methiozolin for Poa annua Control on Golf Greens Fig. 1. Poa annua control with multi-year (2010 and 2011), single Fall applications of methiozolin at Pullman, WA. Fig. 2 Poa annua can be very aggressive in the way that it colonizes new areas so every spring we take steps to combat it's advance.We treat the spots that show up on the greens early in the spring with a chemical that will kill the Poa annua but leave the bentgrass untouched.As the spring goes on we begin picking the Poa annua from the greens and filling it in with a mix of sand and seed Poa annua's Achilles heel has always been its shallow roots. This year has been particularly hard on the root system due to the record setting amount of rain we had in the spring (constant saturation of the soil depletes oxygen levels which allows for little root growth)

Pursuing Poa annua-free cool-season fairways : GolfdomIdentify grassesAtaenius and cutworms feeding on golf courses - MSU Extension

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10 reviews of Forest Greens Golf Club When I decided to move to the DC area in 96 I was warned that I would no longer play a round of golf for under a hundred bucks. Well somebody upstairs was looking out for me. Brand new to the area we settled on an apt that happened to be a couple miles from a new course that just opened. So off we went In many previous posts, I have discussed the difficulties of dealing with Poa annua, or annual bluegrass, on golf course turf. I occasionally mentioned Poa trivialis (or roughstalk bluegrass) along with its annual, bunch-type cousin. Because Poa annua affects putting greens it often gets more press than P. trivialis This year we have been applying a growth regulator on our fairways that helps suppress the Poa annua (Poa) that is starting to encroach in our fairways, greens and tees. The program we initiated started in the spring of this year. Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) and rough bluegrass (Poa trivialis) are considered weeds to some golf courses

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