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Reynolds number for the airfoil without and with GF is presentedinTable4 .ForAoA=12∘,percentageincreasein for the airfoil for every 10,000 decreases in Reynolds number near critical. on the Reynolds number of the lift curve compared to the SD7003 airfoil. Although there is a slight difference in the high angles of attack above the maximum lift coefficient, the lift slope hardly changes, even when the Reynolds number varies. Keywords: low-reynolds-number, aerodynamics, reynolds number dependence The Reynolds number is based on a length, which is usually the chord length of an airfoil (in two dimensions) or the chord length of a wing. Because the chord length of a wing may vary from root to tip, a mean aerodynamic chord length is used to define the Reynolds number for a wing The airfoil data I've extrapolated is for varying Reynolds numbers from 100,000 to 500,000 for each of the 4 airfoils. I tried to input multiple tables into a single airfoil input file, however, I believe, the table formatting is inconsistent and subsequently AeroDyn is unable to read through the lines

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The Reynolds number calculator can either be used in manual mode or alternatively used in with the standard atmosphere calculator. The Reynolds number is an important dimensionless ratio used to predict whether a flow is laminar or turbulent and is defined as the ratio of inertial to viscous forces in a fluid The answer can be obtained with Reynolds (Re) Number. Frankly speaking, Re specifies the condition of flow whether turbulent or laminar. For airfoil, we might presume free surface flow. Thus, it is easy to determine condition; Internal flow: lamin.. The lower critical Reynolds number was then defined as the velocity at which the flow becomes laminar over the airfoil, which corresponds to the conditions that the transition point located at the.

For instance, drag measurements taken on the E387 airfoil (9.1% t / c, 3.2% camber) at a Reynolds number of 6 × 10 4 have been shown to vary by 28-68% between independent measurements, which have been taken at different facilities , whereas at a higher Reynolds number of 2 × 10 5, the drag measurements were much more consistent and varied by less than 13% , which is still a significant. The Reynolds number is important for describing the transport properties of a fluid or a particle moving in a fluid. As an example, for very small organism, e.g., bacteria, the Reynolds number is very small, typically in the range of 1 × 10 −6.Given the small dimensions, these objects do not have a significant inertia and are thus mainly driven by the viscous forces of the fluid Low Reynolds number airfoil °ows are principally distinguished by their associated laminar separation bubbles such as that depicted in Fig. 4. In past research, considerable attention has been focused on laminar separation bubbles because they are the leading culprit to the degradation in performance relative to airfoils at higher Reynolds. Re is the dimensionless Reynolds number rho is the fluid density V is the free stream fluid speed L is a characteristic length, for an airfoil it is the chord length mu is the fluid viscosity. One of the problems when a scaled model is tested in a wind tunnel is that the Reynolds number for the model can be significantl For Reynolds number Re=2000 and 20 000 we observed similar behaviour of propulsion performance for a plunging airfoil with varying thickness, as shown in Fig. 3(a). Here it is evident that NS computations predict a significant increase in the thrust as the thickness of the airfoil is increased, whereas no significant benefit in forces is observed with the UPM simulations

Selig S1223 high lift low Reynolds number airfoil Max thickness 12.1% at 19.8% chord. Max camber 8.1% at 49% chord Source UIUC Airfoil Coordinates Database Source dat file The dat file is in Selig forma All of the low Reynolds number airfoil data in Vols 1-4 and SoarTech 8 data are available here online in plain ASCII text files. The first two volumes include lift and drag coefficient data while the second two volumes also include pitching moment data. For SoarTech 8 tabulated airfoil data, see link above

Low Reynold's Number Airfoil Flow Visualisation Abdulghani Mohamed. Loading Physics of Life - The Reynolds Number and Flow Around Objects - Duration: 10:57. ESFTV 217,006 views Abstract. Performance characteristics of an Eppler 387 airfoil using both direct (force) and indirect (pressure) measurement techniques have been obtained at Reynolds numbers from 60,000 to 460,000 in the Langley Low-Turbulence Pressure Tunnel Comparison of laminar separation bubble measurements on a low Reynolds number airfoil in three facilities, AIAA Paper 2005-5149. O'Meara , M. M. and Mueller , T. J. ( 1987 ). Laminar separation bubble characteristics on an airfoil at low Reynolds numbers , AIAA Journal 25 , 1033-41 This work investigates the aerodynamics of a NACA 0012 airfoil at the chord-based Reynolds numbers (Re c) from 5.3 × 10 3 to 2.0 × 10 4.The lift and drag coefficients, C L and C D, of the airfoil, along with the flow structure, were measured as the turbulent intensity T u of oncoming flow varies from 0.6% to 6.0%. The analysis of the present data and those in the literature unveils a total. Airfoil Section Characteristics as Affected by Variations of the Reynolds Number Report presents the results of an investigation of a systematically chosen representative group of related airfoils conducted in the NACA variable-density wind tunnel over a wide range of Reynolds number extending well into the flight range. The tests were made to provide information from which the variations of.

how can we give reynolds number for flow over airfoil May 10, 2019, 11:53 What about complex geometry? #20: Hitesh12. New Member . Hitesh. Join Date: May 2014. Posts: 14 Rep Power: 8. Quote: Originally Posted by ghost82. Hi, you cannot input directly the Reynolds number in fluent. As you know. Low-Reynolds number airfoil design for the MIT Daedalus prototype: A case study. Journal of Aircraft, 25(8), Aug 1988. Google Scholar [7] R. J. McGhee, G. S. Jones, and R. Jouty. Performance Characteristics from Wind-Tunnel Tests of a Low-Reynolds-Number Airfoil. AIAA-88-6070, Jan 1988

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The eect of airfoil shape at a single Reynolds number of Re = 1000 was investigated in a recent study by Meena et al. [17], where the focus was on the eect of a Gurney flap on the wake behind the airfoil. In this Note we describe results from two-dimensional simulations of low-Reflow (500 Re = U1C/⌫ 2000 In fluid mechanics, the Reynolds number (Re) is a dimensionless number that gives a measure of the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces for given flow.

routine airfoil design work. For low Reynolds number airfoils (Re < 1/2 million), the demands on the analysis method become especially severe. Not only must the complex physics of transitional separation bubbles be captured, but the solution algorithm must be able to handle the very strong and nonlinea In the low-Reynolds-number range below Re = 60,000, SD7003 and Ishii airfoils are known as high-performance low-Reynolds-number airfoils with a relatively high lift-to-drag ratios. Although the aerodynamic characteristics at particular Reynolds numbers have been thoroughly studied, research is lacking on how Reynolds numbers affect the aerodynamic characteristics that become pronounced for. LOW REYNOLDS NUMBER AIRFOIL AERODYNAMICS At low Reynolds numbers the aerodynamic performance of airfoil sections drops. At a critical Reynolds number, flat and cambered plates can outperform smooth airfoils [9]-[15]. Figure 2 shows a summary of airfoil performance versus Reynolds number from McMasters and Henderson [10] high Reynolds numbers [16,29]. Additionally, none of these datasets share the coordinates of the ice geometries or the tabularized data of lift and drag. This study served three objectives. The first objective was to investigate the aerodynamic performance of an iced airfoil at low Reynolds numbers. The second objective was to make th Even though there is no fixed Reynolds number range that bounds the low Reynolds number regime, the term low Reynolds number has also come to mean the flow regime where the chord Reynolds number is below approximately 500,000. This is why small HAWTs are said to usually operate at low Reynolds numbers independently of the airfoil(s) used on the.

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To validate an accurate, rapid, two-dimensional, wind-tunnel test capability at low Reynolds numbers, the E 387 airfoil has been investigated in The Pennsylvania State University Low-Speed, Low-Turbulence Wind Tunnel over the range of Reynolds numbers from 60,000 to 460,000 The objective of this study is to clarify the Mach number effect on the aerodynamic characteristics of airfoils at low Reynolds number. In this study, we conducted airfoil tests using a flat plate and a triangular airfoil in the Mars Wind Tunnel at Tohoku University. Reynolds number was set at 3,000 and 10,000 and Mach number at 0.15, 0.5 and 0.7 Airfoil, low Reynolds number, CFD, transition, automation 1. ABBREVIATIONS AoA angle of attack c chord length C coefficient Cd & model coefficient in SST model D destruction term in SST model E 1 WUDQVLWLRQ VRXUFH LQ -Re model E 2 GHVWUXFWLRQ VRXUFH LQ -Re model k.

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  2. According to the article, the dimensionless number discovered by Reynolds was suitable to foresee fluid flow in a broad range from water flow in a pipe to airflow over an airfoil\(^2\). Figure 3: Osborne Reynolds (1842-1912
  3. chosen for understanding the aerodynamic characteristics. The Reynolds number ranges from 3.42 X 10 5 to 10.28 X 10 . The S1223 airfoil gives maximum lift coefficient within the given range of Reynolds number and chosen for further process design a new low Reynolds number airfoil, when compared with the FX63137sm, and e423 airfoil
  4. At higher Reynolds numbers of 200 000 and 300 000, similar bubble structures on the airfoil surface are observed, and the location of the bubble moves toward the leading edge of the airfoil by increasing the angle of attack
  5. The inception of leading-edge stall on stationary, two-dimensional, smooth, thin aerofoils at low to moderately high chord Reynolds number flows is investigated by a reduced-order, multiscale model problem via numerical simulations
  6. 0025 airfoil based on the Reynolds number increment. This investigation is carried out at five different Reynolds numbers of 5 · 104, 7.5 · 104, 105, 1.5 · 105, and 3 · 105and four different momentum coefficients of 0.03, 0.06, 0.09, and 0.13 for an AoA range of 0 -20 . The presen
  7. Reynolds number variation over the aerodynamic characteristics of this airfoil has been performed. 1. Introduction One of the aerodynamic issues that the design of the future generation of multi-MW turbines has to deal with is the increasing Reynolds numbers (above 10 million) that the new larger blades will be facing

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The higher the Reynolds number, the smaller the displacement thickness and the closer the displacement body is to the original airfoil shape. $\endgroup$ - JZYL Mar 29 at 16:08 $\begingroup$ I edited a little and from the context I assumed that 2 meant 2 million; if I got something wrong then you can just roll back my changes or edit again. $\endgroup$ - Pondlife Mar 29 at 20:1 For the Reynolds numbers and the range of airfoil shapes considered, however, airfoils designed with trips do not hold any clear advantage over airfoils designed for good performance in the clean condition., author = Ashok Gopalarathnam and Broughton, {Benjamin A.} and McGranahan, {Bryan D.}. The AeroToolbox NACA 4-series calculator can be used to plot and extract airfoil coordinates for any NACA 4-series airfoil polar dynamic pressure engine fundamentals fuselage horse power hydraulics indicated airspeed leading edge lift induced drag naca airfoil pitching moment reynolds number semi-monocoque shear spar standard atmosphere.

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airfoil surface. The lambda shocks, which occur in the transonic flight regime, are expected to increase the amplification of the Tollmien-Schlichting instability waves. The objectives of the APEX experiment are • To increase the understanding of airfoil performance in the high-altitude, low-Reynolds-number, and high-subsonic-Mach-number. The position and size of laminar separation bubble on airfoil surfaces exert a profound impact on the efficiency of transonic natural-laminar-flow airfoil at low Reynolds number. Based on the particle swarm algorithm, an optimization methodology in the current work would be established with the aim of designing a high and robust performance transonic natural-laminar-flow airfoil at low. Re = 100k, AoA = 4 degrees, Tu = 0.1 thrust, while the most flexible airfoil generates the most thrust at low frequencies. In this paper we investigate the flapping motion in a uniform stream that mimics the forward insect flight. Specifically, we investigate the airfoil of varying degrees of flexibility under different Reynolds number (9,000 and 100) The boundary-layer separation and wake structure of a NACA 0025 airfoil and the effect of external excitations in presence of structural vibrations on airfoil performance were studied experimentally. Wind tunnel experiments were carried out for three Reynolds numbers and three angles of attack, involving hot-wire measurements and complementary surface flow visualization

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  1. g airfoil receives a score of four points; the second best gets three points and so on. All airfoils were assessed at a Reynolds number of 250,000. The following table presents the scores of the different airfoils considered. The nomenclature of the airfoil names can be broken down to: BC denotes that these airfoils ar
  2. Analysis of the high Reynolds number 2D tests on a wind turbine airfoil performed at two different wind tunnels O.Pires 1, X.Munduate 2, O.Ceyhan 3, M.Jacobs 4, J.Madsen 5 1National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER), Sarriguren, Navarra, Spain, oepires@cener.com 2National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER), Sarriguren, Navarra, Spain, xmunduate@cener.com 3Energy Research Center of the Netherlands.
  3. A search of the literature will show little airfoil data available in this Reynolds number range. The most reliable low-Reynolds number airfoil data appear to be those given in Reference 3.35, where tests of five different airfoil shapes are reported for R values as low as 42,000. These tests were conducted in a low-turbulence tunnel
  4. At Reynolds numbers between about 2000 and 4000 the flow is unstable as a result of the onset of turbulence. These flows are sometimes referred to as transitional flows. Turbulent flow. If the Reynolds number is greater than 3500, the flow is turbulent. Note that, the critical Reynolds number is different for every geometry
  5. Whereas the airfoil stalled at 16° at a Reynolds number of 3 million, XFOIL now predicts stall will occur at about 11° and Javafoil indicates a stall angle of only 9°. These predictions agree well with the experimental results you describe since they indicate stall occurs at 10°
  6. Numerical Investigation of Reynolds Number Effect on Airfoil Aerodynamic Performances. Inaugural US-EU-China Thermophysics Conference-Renewable Energy 2009 (UECTC 2009 Proceedings) Protect Voiceprint Template Based on Chaff Matrix. International Symposium on Information Engineering and Electronic Commerce, 3rd (IEEC 2011
-The Lund airfoil cross section compared with other low-Re

Describe the effects of AoA, Mach No, and Reynolds Number on Lift, Drag, and Moment Coefficients of an airfoil Support your answer with relevant/required diagrams and figures An airfoil (American English) or aerofoil (British English) is the cross-sectional shape of a wing, blade (of a propeller, rotor, or turbine), or sail (as seen in cross-section).. An airfoil-shaped body moving through a fluid produces an aerodynamic force.The component of this force perpendicular to the direction of motion is called lift.The component parallel to the direction of motion is. speed low-Reynolds- number airfoil. A great deal of existing data reveals[23] that instead of using current existing airfoils, many aircrafts have utilized special airfoils which are more adequate to their functional requirements. For the low-dynamic vehicles at high altitude You can set Reynolds number in Ansys fluent by defining velocity or mass flow rate at inlet. Velocity and mass flow rate for specific Reynolds number can be calculated by using following formulas: Re= ρ V D/μ or Re= 4 ṁ/ π D μ where ρ= Density of.

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In 1883 Osborne Reynolds, a British engineer and physicist, demonstrated that the transition from laminar to turbulent flow in a pipe depends upon the value of a mathematical quantity equal to the average velocity of flow times the diameter of the tube times the mass density of the fluid divided by its absolute viscosity.This mathematical quantity, a pure number without dimensions, became. Low Reynolds Number Airfoil Design for a Mars Exploration Airplane Using a Transition Model* Jongho JUNG,1) Kwanjung YEE,1) Takashi MISAKA,2) and Shinkyu JEONG3)† 1)Department of Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul 08816, Korea 2)Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8577, Japan 3)Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kyunghee University. In this experimental investigation, the performance and the boundary layer characteristics of the NACA-4415 aerofoil section were examined for an incidence range of -5.10o~a~22.90o and for the Reynolds number range of 50,OOO~Re~600,OOO. Chordwise static pressure distributions were obtained, from which aerodynamic force and moment coefficients, namely CN, CT, and CMc/4, were calculated using a. experiments, at different Reynolds numbers and at different angels of attacks. However, the case studied in the LESFOIL project, was the 13.3°-case and based on the freestream velocity and the chord of the airfoil the Reynolds number, Re c = U ∞c/ν, is equal to 2 million. The fl ow is subsonic with a freestream Mach number of 0.15 The decreasing Reynolds number translates into: decreasing speed; decreasing airfoil size (specifically, airfoil chord) decreasing density; increasing viscosity; or any combination of the above. If the airfoil is kept at constant angle of attack the point of transition from laminar to turbulent boundary layer moves further aft

Reynolds Numbers Early investigations into the theory of fluid dynamics have predicted a certain number of constants to which similar disturbances (and an airfoil in the air is a disturbance) produce similar effects - in hydrodynamics, these are referred to as 'Froude Numbers (hulls of boats); in high speed aerodynamics the Mach Number' are other examples A Catalog of Low Reynolds Number Airfoil Data for Wind Turbine Applications, published in 1982 by Rockwell International Corporation, included airfoil data up to a Reynolds number of 3,000,000. After the catalog was finished, it was brought to the author's attention that the cubic spline fitting routine used in generating the curves from discrete data caused inaccuracies in some of the airfoils reynolds number. Home About Airfoil Database Cool Resources AEROSPACE In my previous post, I was obsessing over how I need to make a wing with an airfoil that can change it's shape during flight. Some of my friends have read that post (thank you people!). Question Airfoil characteristics, Reynolds numbers, and other confused thoughts Modeling Scienc

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which includes: Airfoil database search, Airfoil plotter, Airfoil comparison, Reynolds number calc, NACA 4 digit generator, NACA 5 digit generator. Being a ultra-lighter, long time EAA member and R/C modeler, I happened across this named section.. the Falcon airfoil The Reynolds number is VERY important for determining when and how an airfoil will stall! It is not uncommon for the maximum lift coefficient of an airfoil to change by 20-30% or more when the Reynolds number is changed and the stalling angle of attack can change by several degrees Airfoil Shape Data point symbols for various Reynolds numbers (R) Location of aerodynamic center (a.c.) Fill in the blanks: think - pair - share NACA 6716 1st Digit: Maximum camber is _% of 2D airfoil chord length, c 2nd Digit: Location of maximum camber is at __ /10ths of the chord line, from the LE. 3rd & 4th Digits: Maximum thickness is.

This study experimentally investigates aerodynamic characteristics and flow fields of a smooth owl-like airfoil without serrations and velvet structures. This biologically inspired airfoil design is intended to serve as the main-wing for low-Reynolds-number aircrafts such as micro air vehicles. Reynolds number dependency on aerodynamics is also evaluated at low Reynolds numbers At Reynolds number above 70,000 and below 200,000 extensive laminar flow can be obtained and therefore airfoil performance improves although the laminar separation bubble may still present a problem for a particular airfoil. Small radio controlled model airplanes fly in this range. Above Rec of 200,000, airfoil performanc Validation of NACA0012 airfoil for moderate values of Reynolds numbers. Posted on November 14, 2017 - News. We present you an example of flow past NACA0012 airfoil with experimental validation. In this example we will simulate the turbulent flow past the mentioned airfoil for the series of Reynolds numbers and several angles of attack

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  1. reynolds number. Home About Airfoil Database Cool Resources AEROSPACE I am very excited that soon I will share my designs on the airfoil designs section. usual and relatively small drag that the aircraft experiences is seen when the flow reaches the drag-divergence Mach number (as was the topic of the last entry)
  2. Effective aerodynamics at Reynolds numbers lower than 10 000 is of great technological interest and a fundamental scientific challenge. The current study covers a Reynolds number range of 2000-8000. At these Reynolds numbers, natural insect flight could provide inspiration for technology development. Insect wings are commonly characterized by corrugated airfoils. In particular, the airfoil of.
  3. chord Reynolds number level of those studies is usually relatively small (i.e., Re 10;000). In the present study, we report a detailed experimental investigation to quantify the flow behavior around a bioinspired corrugated airfoil, compared with a conventional streamlined airfoil and a flat plate at low Reynolds numbers. Th
  4. Reynolds number of a Fruitfly is around 1000, hence velocity was calculated according to the chord Reynolds number formula. 2.2 Validation of the Numerical Model To validate the numerical model, a Dragonfly airfoil geometry was chosen from the work done by Hord (2012). The domain dimensions with a radius of 5c 2 an

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From the performed analysis, we can say that the corrugated airfoil always performs better than its smoothed version (i.e. profiled airfoil) at low Reynolds number, and sometimes its performance is comparable to the flat-plate. Hence, the profiled airfoil will be excluded from the flapping analysis Keywords: Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes, simpleFoam. Physics and Numerics. Physical domain: The case is a two-dimensional airfoil located around the centre of a computational domain whose dimensions are considerably larger than the chord-length of the airfoil. \( x \): Longitudinal direction (mean flow direction

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An experimental study of pressure distributions over RAE2822 airfoil in the two-dimensional test section 0.8×0.4 meter of a transonic wind tunnel which is the first pressruized continuous wind tunnel in China is presented. This paper in order to further study the influence of the dynamic of continuous changes Reynolds number at Mach number is 0.66 and 0.80, and the attack angle is from-2. Reynolds Numbers Fluid flow in a pipe encounters frictional resistance due to the internal roughness (e) of the pipe wall, which can create local eddy currents within the fluid. Calculation of the Reynolds Number helps to determine if the flow in the pipe is Laminar Flow or Turbulent Flow 6. Using the Reynolds number determine the airfoil aerodynamic center form the table on Chart #2 Compressibility Effects For Mach number less than 0.3, we may assume that our flow is incompressible and the standard airfoil charts work very well. For Mach numbers greater tha

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  1. Reynolds number under studied by airfoil aerodynamics problem for the application of the propeller of low-dynamic aircrafts in Near Space is between 105 to 106, which belongs to the scope of low Reynolds number. But in the low Reynolds number condition, the aerodynamic characteristics of airfoil shows some new characteristics. Firstly, there is th
  2. The Reynolds number is decreased from 4.1 ×10 6 to 0.18 ×10 6 to mimic the altitude change from 10000m to 30000m. The results show that, at Reynolds number of 4.1 × 10 6, the best CFJ airfoil corrected aerodynamic efficiency ((C L /C D) c) of 81.64 occurs at C µ of 0.03 at AoA of 6 . When the Reynolds number is reduced to 0.18 × 10 6, the.
  3. ed from δ = 5x/Re. 1/2. to be δ = 0.0086 m. This makes the percentage of the airfoil width that will be affected by the wall boundary layers to be 2δ/w = 4.5%, if the airfoil was made the full width (0.381 m

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  1. A viscous analysis code is used to close the design loop. Further, Shear stress transport-transition model in ANSYS-Fluent is employed with modified constants to analyze the flow and aerodynamic performance of the airfoil at Reynolds numbers 60 000, 100 000, 200 000, 300 000 and 500 000
  2. Drela, M., Low-Reynolds Number Airfoil Design for the MIT Daedalus Prototype: A Case Study, Journal of Aircraft, 25(8), pp.724-732, August 1988. Drela, M., Pros and Cons of Airfoil Optimization, Chapter in Frontiers of Computational Fluid Dynamics, 1998 , D.A.
  3. e whether a flow will be la
  4. Most icing research focuses on the high Reynolds number regime and manned aviation. Information on icing at low Reynolds numbers, as it is encountered by wind turbines and unmanned aerial vehicles, is less available, and few experimental datasets exist that can be used for validation of numerical tools. This study investigated the aerodynamic performance degradation on an S826 airfoil with 3D.
  5. airfoil performance, as they enhance the sound pressure levels within the test section. DOI: 10.1115/1.2175165. Keywords: boundary-layer separation, low-Reynolds-number flow, wake formation, vor-tex shedding, flow control, acoustic excitation. 1 Introduction. The performance of airfoils at low Reynolds numbers has bee
  6. Reynolds Number Effects Investigation of Supercritical Airfoil Based on EFD and CFD 1, 2Da-Wei Liu, 1, airfoil thr numbers v chord, Ma from 0° to numerical Reynolds e supercritic dimensiona structure g turbulence 2.0×10 6 to from 0.6 t presented i Wind tun variable R investigat
  7. T1 - Aerodynamic scaling of general aviation airfoil for low Reynolds number application. AU - Heine, B. AU - Mack, S. AU - Kurz, A. AU - Gross, A. AU - Fasel, H. F. PY - 2008/12/1. Y1 - 2008/12/1. N2 - Meaningful scaled model flight research requires models that are dynamically and aerodynamically scaled
a) CL vs AOA of airfoil top surface for differentComputational Investigation of Flow Separation over Naca

leading edge on both surfaces for a Reynolds number of 1.0 x lo6. (The Reynolds number was determined by the wind-tunnel testing capabilities.) One major constraint, in addition to the airfoil-thickness constraint, was placed on the design of the airfoils: the zero-lift pitching-moment coefficient must be no more negativ NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS The airfoil does not reach the low drag of the FX airfoil. Drag polars of the Horten II airfoil. The stall characteristics of the Horten II airfoil are smoother than the FX 05-H-126 airfoil, but due to its excessive thickness, it also suffers from boundary layer separation at lower Reynolds numbers NACA 4412 Airfoil 4 digit code used to describe airfoil shapes 1st digit - maximum camber in percent chord 2nd digit - location of maximum camber along chord line (from leading edge) in tenths of chord 3rd and 4th digits - maximum thickness in percent chord NACA 4412 with a chord of 6 Max camber: 0.24 (4% x 6) Location of max camber: 2.4 aft of leading edge (0.4 x 6 Sørensen, N. N., & Zahle, F. (2014). Airfoil prediction at high Reynolds numbers using CFD..Abstract from 10th European Fluid Mechanics Conference (EUROMECH), KGs. Report presents the results of an investigation of a systematically chosen representative group of related airfoils conducted in the NACA variable-density wind tunnel over a wide range of Reynolds number extending well into the flight range. The tests were made to provide information from which the variations of airfoil section characteristics with changes in the Reynolds number could be.

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